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Written by Lee Perry | Published on 17 September 2014

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This summer turned into a bit of a disaster from a race perspective, despite training going quite well in the main.

The fall at the Highland Fling race in April led to an enforced 3 weeks without training, and a good 8 weeks before I could train properly again in the pool. This led to me missing the Aberfeldy Sprint Tri.

I had a decent race at the Hawick Sprint Tri in June:

2014 June Hawick Spr 17:48 01:47 42:45 01:29 23:45 01:27:34 69/116

I was pretty happy with the swim time, delighted with the ride time in which I seemed to make good progress through the field, and while I was again happy with my progress through the field in the run, I was a little disappointed with the time.

In July I was supposed to race at the Devil O’ The Highlands race, but was unable to race due to commitments around a house move that eventually did not happen. I entered into the Speyside Way Race to counter this, fairly sure that I could challenge towards the top 10 of the field, but a Compylobacter infection followed by a whole series of arthritic complications meant that I did not run in August at all, did not start the race, and am just now into my second week of a light return to training. This also meant that I had to miss the St. Mary’s Loch standard tri at the start of September as I just didn’t have any strength in my legs, or enough open water swimming under my belt.

So I am back training now, my run pace is probably around 30 sec/km away from where I want it to be for the faster stuff, but endurance pace seems to still be in the right place, maybe 10 sec/km down. I’m maybe 1km/hr slower on the bike than a month ago, but more significantly struggling to ride beyond the hour. Swim feels fine, if slightly laboured.

So, whats left? There is the Jedburgh 3 Peaks race at the end of October. Touch wood I think I’m in decent shape for that with endurance pace where it needs to be, and weight down.

2015 will open with a crack at the Dusseldörf Marathon where I will be aiming to get under 3:15. This would be a significant 40min reduction in PB, but reflects how I was running in training earlier in the summer. I also intend to eat vast quantities of Currywürst and pretzels.

I do have to thank Karl for getting me into pretty decent shape this year and Tommy for keeping me there when I’ve pushed past my limits. It’s a shame that has not been reflected in my results, but the improvements in training session data are pretty plain to see.

Lets hope that I can polish off 2014 with a good run at Jedburgh, that I get a good warm weather winter session in again, and have a more settled and less broken 2015.

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