Yorkshire Wolds Half Marathon

Written by Lee Perry | Published on 14 July 2011

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I was waken, thoughtfully, at about 5:30am by Stevie puppy having only collected Vicke from York train station at midnight, so on leaving the house I had little hope for this race.

This proved to be completely unfounded. The weather was appalling, but perhaps made a rather hilly race somewhat more comfortable, albeit in a surfing kind of way. I was absolutely drenched before the race had even started.

I ran very much at my own pace, which while not as quick as I have ran, I was still surprisedat the volume of people passing me in the early stages as I’m normally quick early before fading. I passed many of these on each climb, and my uphill pace seemed relatively good.

I bumped into Alext at around the 8 mile mark, I had met him before the race, and he had been averaging 9 minute miles up to this point. I ran with him until about mile 12 at the top of the last hill where he briefly went on ahead before I caught back up on the descent.

I really enjoyed the course and the race, and the weather did not detract from the experience at all. The course is lovely and my favourite bit was a descent down a mud track into a valley about half way in where I was very grateful that I opted for my trail shoes and not my road ones. I also particularly liked the last big descent straight into the show ground where I did a closing 7 minute mile, albeit gravity assisted. I went into the race intending to finish in under 2 hours with a vague hope for 1 hour 50. I finished in 1:54:36 which I was very happy with, especially given the challenging conditions and terrain.

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