Hello, and welcome to my running website. I like to run, as much, and as far as I can, and across whatever type of terrain I come across. I'm not always as successful as I would like - read some of my articles and you'll probably see why!

I also do a lot of other things. I am learning full-stack python and javascript development with mixed degrees of success, in time you'll see my portfolio building up over at Github. I also invest in equites both for growth and income, and one of the development sites I'm currently working on is Investimate. Like this site Investimate is built in a static website builder, Jekyll, and hosted on Github Pages, but also calls in pricing data via the Quandl API. It's very much a work in progress, but one that I'm very excited about.

I like building things, but I'm not really into design, and for that reason I keep things simple, both sites are pretty much vanilla Bootstrap 4 with a little customisation to display a hero image in the jumbotron boxes.

My other project, and I've been taken a little aback by how successful it has already been on the back of very little content is MacRetro. Currently Macretro is very much a Wordpress build, but is likely to find its way into Jekyll at some point relatively soon. There is also an associated youtube page which is currently far more successful in generating organic traffic than the actual website, or for that matter pretty much anything I've ever built before. It's all about turning your macOS machine into an awesome retrogaming machine playing old DOS, Windows, ZX Spectrum, Playstation, Sega and Nintendo games.

Oh, and on top of all of that I have a very intensive day job that often extends beyond the day, a wife, and four canine children - the youngest of whom, a Podenco, does not let me out the house in lycra unless he is with me.

So why Jekyll and Github pages? Really it's about ease and speed, but also about demonstrating how a static website builder can be used to display content in very dynamic ways. I can manage all of my jekyll sites at one place - Github, where I work every day anyway, have none of the security and speed issues associated with managing multiple CMS based sites, and all of the components of these Jekyll sites have been built from scratch to be as lean as possible.

Anyway, thats me, how this site is built and why, and a couple of places where you can view some of my other work. Read on.

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